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Dinosaurs Living in my Hair

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A movement is afoot. It’s called the DLIMH movement, and it’s based on the popular new book “Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!” by Jayne M. Rose-Vallee.

About the book:

This whimsical book of rhymes with beautiful watercolor illustrations details how a little girl’s curly hair makes her mornings difficult. Inspired by Rose-Vallee’s daughter Lauren, now immortalized in the book as the hapless Sabrina, the response to rhymes like those excerpted below has been enormous from both boys and girls:

I think I see movement.

Is Mom really right?

Do dinosaurs live

In my hair out of sight?

“Dinosaurs Living in My Hair!” received the Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s Book Award in two categories, Gold in Poetry and Silver in Cover Design. The book also received the Mom's Choice Gold Award for Children's Picture Book.

About the Author:

Jayne Rose-Vallee is a writer and the founder of Rosevallee Creations. Growing up on a farm in Battle Creek, Michigan, taught her hard work and a little bit of dirt builds character, and her mother's love of poetry and quick-witted humor sparked an early appreciation for good rhymes. Having raised three children, she found time in this next chapter of her life to follow her passion and write.

What Elle (8) thinks:

It's about a girl named Sabrina who has really crazy hair. She thinks that dinosaurs live in her hair because of all the curls. Then our mom says what a mess and brushes her hair. After that a bat comes out of her hair and she is beautiful.

If there were dinosaurs in my hair I would be creeped out. I would do whatever it takes to get them out. This book taught me that sometimes your hair can be a challenge and that's ok.

In response to the clamor, Rose-Vallee has now created a line of hair accessories, apparel, and a handmade Sabrina doll available at She comments, “Our Facebook page is starting to have children send in their photos holding their dolls, reading their books, wearing their sweatshirts – all with CRAZY HAIR! It truly is a movement.”

Meanwhile, a portion of all profits from the sale of the book goes to support the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF). Rose-Vallee explains that while the fictional Sabrina is blessed to have the problem of dinosaurs living in her curly thick hair, over sixty million people in the United States experience some form of hair loss, many of them children. Children suffering from this condition face tremendous challenges, and the NAAF offers support and tools to help them overcome emotional pain and build self-confidence; it also provides classroom education essential to advocating for them.




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