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Cadoozles Review

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Zebra Pen Corp. is a leading manufacturer of writing instruments in the school, home and office industries. Zebra Pen was founded 1982 as an independent corporation wholly owned by Zebra Co. Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan.
The name Zebra is as unique as the products we sell. Zebra Pen Corporation offers a full line of writing instruments including ball point pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, gel rollerballs and correction pens.
At Zebra Pen, we pride ourselves in quality, innovation and value. We stand behind our name and guarantee satisfaction and ultimate writing performance.
I am excited to be working with such a great company. Zebra Pen Corp. sells a wide variety of awesome products at an extremely reliable price. A lot of their products are colorful and that makes them fun to use!
I was sent a package of Cadoozles. These mechanical pencils are bright, colorful and have fun prints such as ice cream, sports, balloons and more. They never need sharpening and you just push the colorful eraser to advance the lead. Save money by removing the eraser and refilling the lead when the pencil runs out.
These pencils were a hit in my house, the go to at homework time. These products truly make learning fun.
If you are looking for something without the bright colors and fun designs, Zebra also offers mechanical pencils that look like the classic #2 pencil.
Check out their website for more information on their products and to check for promotions.
Also keep up with them on Facebook – you never know when they will run a promotion there as well.

Enjoy Lighting Review and Giveaway

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I love candles, I always have. I love the atmosphere and ambience they create. That said I hate the fire risk that is involved. I shudder when I hear about a house fire on the news that was caused by a candle. It makes me sit and think, “Is it really worth it?”. Well now that I have discovered Enjoy Lighting I do not have to ask myself that anymore.
To be completely honest, I was skeptical at first. Does it really create the same feeling that a candle does? How can it really look like a candle that is lit?

I received a set of 2 candles, one tall and one short candle. They look great together and separate. They look fabulous in or on a candle holder but they also look nice standing alone.

These candles truly look like the real thing.  I love how they give off the look of having been melted, it just makes it look that much more realistic. They also give off a light, pleasant scent. Each candle has a timer on the bottom that can be set for the candle to automatically come on at the same time everyday and stay on for 4, 6 or 8 hours.

The biggest thing is the 3 LEDs that are placed and programmed to create a flickering effect that looks just like a real flame. You can not tell these are not real candles just by looking at them, they are that realistic. And to top it off they come in a variety of colors and scents.

I highly recommend this product as a safe alternative to burning candles.

To purchase candles from Enjoy Lighting, check out the where to buy list on their website.


Enjoy Lighting has generously offered one of my readers their very set of 2 candles.


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39 Dollar Glasses Review and Giveaway

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As a mom of 2 young children who wear glasses I am always on the lookout for a great deal on them. My oldest daughter, who had cataracts, has been wearing glasses since she was 2. My youngest daughter is near sighted and has been wearing glasses since she was 6 months old.

Between changing prescriptions and glasses getting broken, this is a constant purchase in our household. You can imagine my delight when I found out I was going to be working with 39 Dollar Glasses. As the name implies, all of their glasses start at just $39 and every pair is sold at a discount from the retail price.

I chose to receive a pair of glasses for my 4 yr old and we picked the cub eyeglasses in aquamarine. This particular style retails at $225 but is available on 39 Dollar Glasses for only $44. These glasses are available in cafe and gold as well as the aquamarine.


Now I was pleased with the selection of discount glasses available for children as well as adults. I also really like the option to make any frame into sunglasses whether you need a prescription or not. The ordering process was very simple and the shipping time was reasonable. The glasses also come with all of the accessories you might need to include a case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

We have been to the ophthalmologist and they have checked her prescription for accuracy (it was as prescribed).

She has had these glasses a few months and not only do they fit her but they have held up nicely as well.

100_1429 100_1430

The only thing that I was disappointed about is that none of the children’s frames were eligible for bifocals. My oldest daughter does wear bifocals and has since she was 2 yrs old. While I would expect the selection to be more limited than single vision frames as well as more costly, I would like to see a selection that could be ordered with the bifocal lenses.

Be sure to like 39 Dollar Glasses on Facebook to keep up with the latest promotions.

To purchase glasses, visit their website and for a limited time enter promo code 11Years to receive 15% off your order.

39 Dollar Glasses has generously offered one of my readers their very own pair of glasses or sunglasses (up to $75.00).

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sticker Fun Packs Review

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I know kids love to get mail. It just makes them feel so special and important. I am so excited to be able to share Sticker Fun Packs with you as an affordable opportunity to give your kids that feeling.


I received a Princess Sticker Fun Pack for my girls to review. I was so surprised when I opened it and saw how packed it was! 

100_1381  100_1383

Princess Sticker Fun Pack Includes:   

    ●Princess Stickers
    ●Princess Notepads
    ●Princess Rubber Bracelet
    ●Princess Pencil

Bonus Gift
*Princess Craft Kit (princess crown ,wand, or shoe magnet kit) or Personalized Princess Labels

Surprise Gift
(princess notecards or fun princess gift)

There were even personalized princess stickers (I think these were their favorites).


There was so much stuff that I decided to add it to their Easter baskets.


If you are looking for a special something for your child these would be great. They are very reasonably priced and shipping is always included! These would also make great gifts for any child or could even be used for party favors. There are also subscriptions available if you would like to receive a fun sticker pack monthly, how excited would a child be to receive this monthly?

Purchase your own Sticker Fun Packs on their website.

Be sure to follow Fun Sticker Packs on Facebook to keep up with all the fun stuff and giveaways.


Elfing Around Review and Giveaway

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Magical Christmas Elves are Here!!! Join this exciting tradition by inviting one of Santa's Elves to your home for the holidays. A 12" plush Elf is still during the day, like an Elf doll. At night, while everyone is sleeping, your magical Christmas Elf doll comes alive with adventures guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your child in the morning. Your child will awake full of wonder while trying to discover what their special magical Christmas Elf has done. The magical Elf may have had a snowball fight with cotton balls, or perhaps the magical Elf has TP'd a room to create a toilet paper/winter wonderland! Elf creativity and imagination are endless!
Christmas is by far one of my favorite holidays. When I found out that I was going to be able to review Elfing Around I was super excited. 
I received a box with a girl elf inside, after going through all of the documents that came with her I found out that her name is Glitter and she is in charge of making princess toys in Santa’s workshop. My girls will be so excited to meet her come Christmas time and I am excited to be able to experience the magic with them.

Each Elf package comes with a personalized pre-arrival letter addressed to your child, 12 nightly adventure ideas and accessories, and 12 postcards from your Elf. Also check out the free extras on the website such as personalized Santa letters and coloring sheets available to print.
I am actually extremely impressed with everything included. You can tell a lot of thought was put into this product. When ordering you are able to pick gender, name and even a profession for your elf.

You will be able to set up adventures for your elf nightly in just a few minutes. Your children will wake up to find their elf has been having snowball fights, watching movies (complete with popcorn) and even adding decorations to the Christmas tree. These are just a small sample of the 12 nights of mischief the little elfs can be involved in.

I highly recommend this fun and imaginative product. This truly will be a new tradition that you and your children will treasure year after year. It really is a great deal and I know the joy that my girls will get from this product will be priceless.

Be sure to visit Elfing Around on Facebook to keep up with the latest elf happenings.

To purchase your very own Elf, visit Elfing Around’s website and for a limited time enter promo code 30off to receive 30% off your order.
(Ends August 7, 2011)
Elfing Around has generously offered one of my readers their very own Elf.

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Rafflecopter Referral Giveaway

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Check out the Rafflecopter referral giveaway. If you win, I win too! Several $20 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs:

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