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10monkeys Math World

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Kids are using technology more & more. They are not only using it at school but at home too. It really has become a part of their everyday lives. So, turning to a website to help kids learn and practice math seems like the perfect approach. I've found an awesome site that is tablet friendly to help your kids from kindergarten through third grade practice their math skills and maybe learn some new ones. is a Finnish e-learning company that makes digital math learning tools and games for kids. All of their products are designed together with teachers and students, and the team works constantly to improve them according to the highest standards.

10monkeys Math World is a comprehensive online tool, which help kids to enjoy and learn math while having fun! It contains thousands of online activities in over 200 different activity types to make test preparing and extra practice motivating and easy. It is extremely child-friendly, and its beautiful and intuitive user interface is one smooth operator. The virtual prizes, stars and scores motivate kids to learn.

There are 4 different skill levels centering around number ranges.

These skill levels include activities like Number Recognition, Addition, Subtraction, Money and Text Problems with the higher skill levels also including Multiplication and Division activities.

When using this program on a computer the numbers can be entered on the keyboard or with a mouse. If you are using a tablet (iPad or Android) the numbers would be entered on a virtual number pad on the screen. It runs from the browser without having to install anything.

It is easy for kids to use, clean and colorful. Also there are no distracting ads for your child to accidentally click on.

Your child will get instant feedback after each activity which allows them to try and learn at their own pace.

Progress tracker shows the parent their child's progress. This helps them to motivate and direct the child as needed.

You can try a free demo on the website but at $5.90 a year per level or $17.90 for all four levels, it is very reasonable and comparable to a lot of the math apps available on iPad and Android tablets.

This is also available to teachers and schools that want to use 10monkeys in the classroom. The site is whiteboard friendly and would make a great addition to learning math in the classroom.

This is definitely something I will use this Summer to keep my kids on track with Math for when they go back to school.

You can find out more about 10monkeys on their website, Twitter and Facebook.


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