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Radius Toothbrush Review and Giveaway

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Radius is changing the way we brush our teeth with unique toothbrushes designed to make the toothbrush comfortable, enjoyable and effective. With a mass of very soft bristles, a large head area for low pressure brushing and a comfortable handle, this toothbrush would let you brush lightly and accurately.

We were sent 2 toothbrushes to review, a Kidz Toothbrush and an Original Toothbrush.
About the Kidz Toothbrush (ages 6 and up):
  • Thumb grip and big, easy to hold handle designed just for children. A pint sized version of the Original
  • Three times more very fine bristles with wide oval format, massage gums gently
  • Lasts 9 months
  • American Dental Association “Accepted” for prevention of gingivitis and removal of plaque
  • Non-aligned bristle layout to avoid tooth erosion
  • Beautiful Award-winning design
My 6 yr old has 3 toothbrushes, a regular toothbrush, a spin brush type toothbrush and this Kidz toothbrush. Ever since we received the Kidz toothbrush it is the only one she wants to brush with. She loves the cool design with a special place for her thumb and she says it is more comfy than her other toothbrushes (her words). Anything that makes children more willing to brush their teeth is fantastic in itself. I also feel that she is doing a better job of getting her teeth clean with this toothbrush. I think the larger head makes it easier for her to clean all areas of the mouth.

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About the Original Toothbrush:
  • Three times more very fine bristles with wide oval format, massage gums gently
  • Lasts 9 months
  • American Dental Association “Accepted” for prevention of gingivitis and removal of plaque
  • Right or left ergonomic handle ensures dentist recommended 45 ยบ angle of bristle to teeth
  • Handle made of wood-based cellulose, sourced from sustainable yield forests
  • Non-aligned bristle layout to avoid tooth erosion
  • Beautiful Award-winning design
I was worried that I wouldn’t like this toothbrush due to the larger head. I thought it would be uncomfortable to use and make brushing my teeth more of a chore. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that this toothbrush is not only comfortable to use, I like it better than my old toothbrush. I also love that it lasts 3 times as long and I only need to replace it every 9 months.

Radius also carries a Pure Baby toothbrush designed for babies 6 – 18 months and a Totz toothbrush designed for children 18 months and up.  There are also other designs of toothbrushes on the site. As well as cases for toothbrushes, razors and more.

You can purchase Radius toothbrushes on their website or you can check their store locator for stores near you that carry them.

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This giveaway is limited to residents in the only - 18 years old and above. 
Winner will be chosen at random.

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Well, as your review points out. I can understand why your daughter prefers using the Kidz toothbrush. And did you say that it lasted for 9 months? I thought toothbrushes only last for 3 months, more or less.

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