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CreaClip Review and Giveaway

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Have you ever cut your hair yourself? Maybe even just trimmed your bangs? I trim my own bangs as well as my girls bangs. Honestly, they never come out that great. I only get my hair cut about once a year and I just can't find the time to get it done more often. But, if I let my bangs grow out they start doing their own thing and I hate it. So I was stuck living with uneven bangs and long hair (which I also hate).

In comes the CreaClip. At first, I was really nervous about cutting my own hair. The thing that got me through it was if this works think of all the money and time that will be saved. Also the clips have a level on them to ensure that they are straight. So I watched a ton of video reviews on CreaClips youtube channel, some more than once.

Once I thought I was ready I headed to the bathroom to try this out.

Just Clip, Slide, and Cut!

1. Section the hair following the easy step-by-step instructions.
2. Clip the CreaClip on the hair and slide to desired length.
3. Check bubble on rotating leveler to ensure the clip is level.
4. Cut along the guide.

Now the instructions say to use this product on dry hair. I tried it on dry hair and didn't like it too much. So, I used it on damp hair and it worked way better for me.

Here is how long my hair was:

Now, I cut a little at a time then looked at it and cut some more until I was happy with the length. I really suggest you do this so you don't overdo it and aren't happy with the results. Here is the end result from the back. To be totally honest, I love it. It has layers and a face frame, it is exactly what I would expect to get from the salon.

Here it is from the front:

I have had many compliments on my haircut and people are amazed when I tell them I cut it myself. 
I have also used it on my 3 yr old, she went to the salon not too long ago and she had a very plain haircut. I think the stylist was scared to do too much to her hair in fear that she would mess it up. Using the CreaClip, I was able to cut her hair with a face frame and some layers. I have also used it to trim her bangs as well. I am so excited about the money and time I will save since I will never have to go to the salon again!

To purchase the CreaClip head over to the website.

Giveaway (CLOSED)
One of my readers will win a set to include 1 small and 1 large CreaClip. You can enter by filling out the form or leaving a comment, include all of your entries at once. Please leave your email with your entry so I can contact you, entries without emails are disqualified.

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This giveaway is open to US residents as well as International - 18 years old and above.
Winner will be chosen at random.

Good Luck!

*I purchased this product with my own money and I was not compensated for this review.
The giveaway is sponsored by CreaClip and they will ship the item to the winner. 


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