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Freya Skin Care: Intensive Anti-Aging Serum Review

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Freya is developed by Aqua Skin Science Inc., a US based prestige skin care and nutritional supplement company with products based around patented unique active ingredients from Scandinavia. Freya is the first brand in the cosmetic industry to utilize patented technology to nano-encapsulate marine based Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as LEXA™, a never-before-seen patented ingredient shown to boost collagen production by over 600%. Aqua Skin Science’s goal is to develop and formulate the most efficacious skin care systems by leveraging partnerships with Scandinavia’s foremost biotechnology companies and research universities.

The ScanDinaVian Tradition

Scandinavia, one of the purest, most pristine destinations on earth, is also known for a longstanding commitment to preservation and well-being. Its extreme climate and geography is home to an abundance of rich arctic marine and plant life that, even still, remains an untapped treasure trove. Those who spend the time will find that, once unearthed, the unique resources of the region offer the ultimate in health and beauty benefits.
Scandinavian women have long been admired for their supple, clear skin and timeless beauty, thanks to the potency of the region’s resources and a culture of health and well-being. Now Freya is tapping into Scandinavia’s natural advantage in the battle against aging to create a powerhouse skincare system that is truly in a class by itself.

Freya's most potent regenerative serum. By harnessing the best of Scandinavian BioMarine research, the Intensive Anti-Aging serum serves as an optimal tool to rebuild, restore, and revitalize skin on a cellular level. 


  • dramatic visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improved skin tone, reducing redness and the appearance of age spots
  • imparts an ageless radiance and luminosity

The older I get the more I start to think of anti-aging products to help prevent fine lines, wrinkles, etc. So I was super excited at the chance to try out Freya Intensive Anti-Aging Serum. This comes in a gorgeous teal colored glass bottle 1.0 fl. oz. in size. Since a little goes a long way this bottle should last you quite a while. 
I do have combination skin with oily and dry spots so finding skin care products that work for me can be tricky. This anti-aging serum made my skin feel so soft and I love how radiant it has made my skin look. This product did not leave my face feeling oily or greasy and it has a light citrusy scent which I think smells wonderful. I feel that this is a great product for those looking to prevent the signs of aging (like me) as well as for those looking to reverse the signs of aging. 
For more information on Freya and the variety of skin care products they offer check out their website. Be sure to use their online skin care consultant if you need help finding products that would work for you. 
Also keep up with Freya on Facebook and Twitter for more information and possibly promotions. 



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