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Original Sprout Review and Giveaway

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The founder of this company delighted in her newborn daughter's thick hair. Wanting to use the safest bath products led to her trying natural baby shampoos. To her surprise, all the shampoos wreaked havoc on her daughter's hair and sensitive skin. To remedy the problem Inga created the first of it's kind, ultra moisturizing natural baby bath & styling products. The benefits of being a master stylist with professional experience & a mother with real life experience culminated into Original Sprout, a globally trusted natural family brand.

Original Sprout Products are Biodegradable, 100% Vegetarian (Vegan), Free of PhytoEstrogens, Soy, Parabens, Gluten, Dixoanes from Sulfates, Phthalates & Formaldehyde.

I was super excited to try these products out. I love that they are all natural, vegan friendly and overall safe to use on even the youngest of family members.

I was sent a few products from the Worry-Free Luxury Collection which includes their best-selling Miracle Detangler, Natural Shampoo, and Scrumptious Cream.
I love all the products I was sent but the Miracle Detangler is my favorite. I love the smell, it is a very clean shampoo type smell.
My oldest daughter has curly/wavy hair and this has made her hair so soft and healthy looking. It really takes the frizz out and puts some bounce into her hair.
The Scrumptious Baby Cream  I received has a clean scent to it. It was very gentle on our skin, even my girls who have a lot of trouble with skin products really like this lotion. It absorbs well and isn’t heavy or sticky. It also includes rosemary to help calm sensitive skin and naturally repel insects.
The Natural Shampoo I received has a nice clean smell. It is thin and a little goes a long way. It made our hair feel squeaky clean.
The only thing I wish is that I had the chance to try the Deep Conditioner.

There is a long list of why these products are top notch. Everything from ingredients to what is not put in these products.

Our regulated, European Directive Compliant products are:
• Are made by a master stylist and mother, so they are safe and natural, but perform as good or better than high-end salon brands.
• Free of phthalates, phytoestrogens, soy, gluten, animal products, parabens, and propylene glycol with no added dioxanes or formaldehydes.
• Free of skin penetrators & photosensitizers (plasticizers & nanoparticles).
• Extracts are certified organic. The majority of ingredients are plant derived & from natural sources.
• E.U. Directive Compliant with full label disclosure of ingredients.
• Fragrances are made with naturally derived ingredients & are certified FREE of phthalates, lavender, tea tree, PG, DPG, parabens, dioxanes, benzenes, formaldehydes, acetaldehydes, styrene, toluene, chlorobenzene & glycol ethers.
• Products are vegetarian/vegan & biodegradable.
• Can be purchased online at http://www.originalsprout.com/ or at a variety of health food stores & salons worldwide (not found in conventional grocery & drug store chains or big box stores).

If you are interested in purchasing these awesome products or any other Original Sprout products check out Original Sprout’s website and use the code FIRST_ORDER_10-U to get 10% off your first order.

Original Sprout has generously offered a $50 gift certificate good for any online purchase at www.originalsprout.com for a giveaway.

Visit Original Sprout and comment back with your favorite item! Please use the widget below for your entries
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Good Luck!


L on June 7, 2011 at 7:02 PM said...

I'd love to win the Miracle Detangler :)

Karen F on June 7, 2011 at 10:45 PM said...

I Love Rafflecopter ~ don't you? Thanks for the giveaway!!

Valerie's Reviews on June 9, 2011 at 11:38 PM said...

I am loving it so far =)

Jenny said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!

cynful711 on June 13, 2011 at 1:51 PM said...

I would love the Frizz-Free Kit

Jenny Streeter said...

I'm really interested in the baby products...the hair and body wash as well as the baby cream!!

Anonymous said...

4oz Leave-In Conditioner

Jennifer on June 16, 2011 at 11:18 AM said...

I love the Scrumptious Baby Cream! It's hard to find quality moisturizers that I feel comfortable putting on my son.

Denise Donaldson (MistySunrise) on June 19, 2011 at 7:32 PM said...

thanks for the giveaway! I Love rafflecopter. Its so easy! :)

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